Coronavirus Update. Can I go Hiking?

We are living in challenging times. For many of us, daily life has changed dramatically. We wanted to write you all a note to reiterate the importance and the benefit of getting outside in a time like this.

The government has stated that provided you don’t have any coronavirus symptoms and you abide by the advice on social distancing (i.e staying 2 metres apart at all times), it is ok to get outside on a hike. We feel this is the best way to stay mentally and physically healthy during these tough times. 

It is worth checking out the government’s advice on social distancing before you head out. 

If you want some inspiration about where to go hiking here in the UK, visit our website. We have a series of hikes on there that will get you into nature.

If you are a Londoner, our Quick Escapes are free to download. We provide you with a digital guide to the hike and provide a supporting digital map. Whether you are up for a stroll in the park, along the river or through the heart of the city, you will find it on one of our Quick Escapes.

For those who live in areas that we don’t cover – we apologise and we are here to help, please do get in touch if you want any ideas of where to get outside safely around you and how to make it happen!

Stay healthy everyone and please follow the guidelines set out by the government. We hope you do go out hiking over the next few days, but please do it responsibly.

We are all in this together.

Alex & the Vespucci team

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