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Close to the Capital Collection

Close to London
Four epic hikes close to the capital

From city to nature, this collection is perfect for any London lodgers keen to make a quick escape to the countryside. With all hikes’ starting points just 40 mins from London on the train, let us transport you into the best pockets of nature within striking distance of the capital.


Coastal Collection

Four epic coastal hikes

Discover the beauty of the UK’s stunning coastline with this collection of hikes. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a casual stroller, these meticulously crafted hikes will guide you along breathtaking coastal paths, revealing hidden coves, rugged cliffs, and picturesque beaches.


Peaks Collection

Four epic hikes with a view

Explore some of the UK’s most breathtaking peaks with this collection of hilly hikes. Let Vespucci transport you to awe-inspiring summits, unveiling panoramic views, serene lakes, and rugged terrain. From the Brecon Beacons to the Peak District, this series is sure to take your breath away.


Wild Swim Collection

Four epic hikes with a dip

For people looking to add a splash of adventure to their hike, we give you our wild swim walk series. If you’re a seasoned water-baby or a wild-dipping novice, these great hikes all offer stunning swimming spots along the way to help get you feeling those wonderful cold-water benefits.


The Cotswolds Collection 🛤

Three epic hikes in the Cotswolds

This series brings together all of our Cotswolds based hikes, in both Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. Think quaint villages, that recognisable Cotswold stone and villages straight out of The Holiday.