Take a Hike

Pre-planned hikes, curated by locals

All Vespucci hikes are lovingly curated by local experts, and our packs include every detail required for a great day out in nature. We have over 30 stunning walks to choose from, all with coffee stops near the start, cracking pubs towards the end, and really fun and interesting places to see along the way. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely stroll through the heart of London or a challenging day-long hike in the Peak District, we’ve got you.

A day on Broadway

In London
Regent’s Canal, East London

East London isn’t exactly rich in big green spaces. That is of course, with the exception of Victoria Park, the go-to escape for East Londoners.

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Richmond Park

In London
Richmond Park, South West London

With the noticeably clean air filling your lungs, the chit-chat of birdsong filling your ears and the ubiquitous yet ever impressive Red Deer right in front of your eyes, all the senses mingle to create a very special ambiance at Richmond Park.


Avoid the Kews

In London
Richmond, West London

Riverside walking is always a delight and this walk is from the top drawer. It is so accessible by tube or train to Richmond with the return journey from Mortlake that there is really no excuse for not giving it a go.

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A day in Epping Forest

In London
Epping Forest, Essex

Leave the city life behind and spend a few hours wandering through the glories of Epping Forest: 2,400 acres of ancient woodland, situated just 30 mins from Liverpool Street Station – this is what Quick Escapes are all about!


Greenwich & Blackheath

In London
Greenwich, East London

Pick up a Thames Clipper from Embankment Pier and cruise for 50 minutes down the Thames to Greenwich. Surprise yourself with a plethora of iconic historical buildings and a browse round Greenwich Market.


Hampstead Heath

In London
Hampstead, London

Hampstead Heath is one of London’s most popular open spaces, a registered charity managed and funded by the City of London, and located just six kilometres from Trafalgar Square.


All on one map

Not sure which hike to go for? Explore our new interactive map and find the hike for you.

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“It was an absolute treat, being in the countryside, and
with such lovely people walking & talking. It felt like a good family outing! It was so nice to get out of London too and it was made so easy and interesting along the route.”