Dart to Devon

River Dart, Devon

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Start: Totnes Station 🏁 Finish: Kingswear Station 🚶‍♂️ 20.3 km (6 hrs 20 mins)

This new hike is available for pre-order. Orders will be fulfilled during the first week of September.

“This hike has it all; stunning scenery, charming villages and even a ferry that can be summoned by ringing a riverside bell.”

“I can’t think of many better ways to spend a weekend than trekking the trails of south Devon’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. An area where rolling green hills disappear into rivers, the coastline is interspersed with hidden beaches and wildlife thrives. When one romanticises about England, it is these landscapes you think of. I love so many things about these two hikes: walking along the river, the passenger ferry from Dittisham, exploring the vineyards, coastal paths, secret swimming spots, but most of all it’s the nature for me.”

Curator: One of our own, Alex


• Exploring one of the UK’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

• Walking the Dart Valley Trail and The South West Coast Path

• Dropping into one of the many great pubs along the way

• Taking the passenger ferry from Dittisham

• Wandering around Totnes and Dartmouth


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