The Kent Coast

Margate, Kent

Signature Hikes
10.7 km walk (3 hrs)  
all year round

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LDN St Pancras > Margate ( 🚆 +/- 1hr 30mins) Broadstairs > LDN St Pancras ( 🚆 +/- 1hr 30mins)
Walpole Bay Tidal Pool

Margate has certainly seen a resurgence in popularity over the past few years. Formerly a small fishing village, this town on the Kent coast is home to the renowned Turner Contemporary Gallery and is once again becoming a hot spot for Londoners in need of an escape for the weekend. This Signature Hike carries you along the Viking coastal path from Margate to Broadstairs, taking in Walpole Bathing Pool, Botany Bay and some breathtaking coastal scenery.


“Neighbouring Walpole Bay, Palm Bay and Botany Bay are the most beautiful places to experience the Margate seaside. At low tide it feels like walking the surface of another planet, particularly in the quiet winter months when you can sometimes get the beach to yourself.

For a hearty breakfast and the best waffles around, check out Rendezvous – a cafĂ© with big windows and a great view of the sea. Just down the road you can pop into The Grain Grocer, a crunchy cafĂ© and store for all-natural necessities. You can even bring your own toiletry bottles for a packaging-free experience!

Most cafĂ©s in the area are dog friendly if you’ve got a pooch in tow. A visit to Old Town is obligatory – look out for vintage Margate memorabilia in the pokey antique shops. King’s Emporium has the best prices and variety of curiosities. For food, Angela’s serves whatever fish is the catch of the day and has by far the top flavours in the area.”

Curator: Emma Scott


• Checking out the latest exhibitions at The Turner Contemporary Gallery

• Taking the plunge at Walpole Bay Tidal Pool

• Enjoy the dramatic coastline of Botany Bay and the smugglers’ coves


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