Richmond Park

Richmond Park, South West London

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With the noticeably clean air filling your lungs, the chit-chat of birdsong filling your ears and the ubiquitous yet ever impressive Red Deer right in front of your eyes, all the senses mingle to create a very special ambiance at Richmond Park.

📍 Richmond Park, South West London
🗺️ Start: Richmond Station
🚶‍♀️ 13 km 🕐 3 hrs 30 mins
🥾 Easy 

Large enough to get lost in, Richmond Park is the one place in London you can really leave the urban sphere behind and enjoy open skies above your head. The deer in the park are amazing to see in person, they don't seem to mind you being there a whole lot; the males are particularly impressive, but give them their space. The wildlife in the park is what makes it so special. There is nothing more beautiful than a sunrise across Richmond Park - if you can get here in the morning you'll never forget it.

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Pen Ponds in Richmond Park.

Richmond Park, a National Nature Reserve, is one of London’s eight Royal Parks. Created as a hunting ground by Charles I in 1637, he introduced around 2000 red and fallow deer to the park, the descendants of which still roam free today. 


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