Just So Sussex

High Weald, East Sussex

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17.3 km walk (5 hrs)
all year round

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LDN Charing Cross > Stonegate ( 🚆 +/- 1hr 30mins) Etchingham > LDN Charing Cross ( 🚆 +/- 1hr 30mins)

The walk includes some of the loveliest scenery of the High Weald, encompassing woods, fields, water meadows, rivers and ancient trails. From Stonegate Station you walk through a picturesque farmyard before heading gently downhill to water meadows and an easy climb up through fields and woods, to a centuries-old cart- track that leads on to the High Weald, an area rich with clay that was the centre of the iron industry in Britain from the 15th to the 17th centuries.

The path then drops down through some beautiful flower-filled water-meadows before crossing the River Dudwell, where you will find Rudyard Kipling’s beautifully preserved house and garden, Bateman’s. A short walk up a small hill and you find yourself in the ancient village of Burwash and in the Rose and Crown, a cosy 16th century pub. Crossing over more fields and the river, you ascend to some lovely beech woods before crossing a small road to walk the last section through farmland, until you reach the pretty village of Etchingham and its award-winning station café!


“Within an hour and a quarter of London lies the beautiful High Weald of East Sussex, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). On this lovely walk through the Weald you can expect to see buzzards, foxes, deer, the occasional heron, woodpeckers and a variety of other interesting flora and fauna.

The hike then takes you through some historic sites; past mysterious houses with no access roads; stunning views; poignant memorials to past conflicts; timeless water meadows; not to mention many beautiful houses including Rudyard Kipling’s Bateman’s. You can pause for refreshment in traditional old inns and enjoy a stroll through one of the most beautiful and ancient villages in Sussex. You will leave your stunning exploration of the High Weald vowing to return.”

Curator: Nigel Down


• Crossing the River Dudwell and passing by the mill at Bateman’s, the beautiful home of Rudyard Kipling

• A moving granite memorial to a young Hurricane pilot shot down during the Battle of Britain

• Numerous “hammer ponds” which represent the very heart of the medieval iron industry

• The remains of a pulpit by the side of the railway tracks where an eccentric landowner used to harangue passing steam trains


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