Follow the Blades

Putney, London

Price: £5.00

Follow in the wash of the Boat Race at your own pace, picking up the Thames Path and heading east. It’s an 8km walk to The Ship in Mortlake. 

📍 Putney, London
🗺️ Start: Putney Bridge 🏁 Finish: Mortlake Station
🚶‍♀️ 8.5 km 🕐 2 hrs
🥾 Easy

Watching the Boat Race will never be the same again! All the twists and turns as well as the iconic sights spring to life in front of your eyes. Whether you start with brunch and finish with a drink or any permutation in between, you will be spoilt for gastronomic choice. Enjoy the river life, the birdsong, and the great Boat Race landmarks as you wind your way along the Thames. There is easy train/tube access to the start and from the finish. This is a gem of a Quick Escape guaranteed to put your mind at rest as you leave the city life behind.

Quick Escapes will be available to download post-purchase, they will also be sent to you via email📧


Oxbridge rowers will get there in less than 20 minutes but why stress yourself out? Enjoy the towpath and become an expert on The Boat Race course as you navigate the Surrey and Middlesex bends and the famous bridges.


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