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Edge of Empire

Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland

Signature Hikes
2 days / 26.5 km walk (7.5 hrs)  
all year round


LDN Euston > Carlisle ( 🚆 +/- 3 hrs 20mins) Carlisle > LDN Euston ( 🚆 +/- 3 hrs 20mins)
Hadrian’s Wall, UK

This trip is designed to fit into a long weekend

…but could easily be extended if time permits. Take the train from Euston, planning to arrive no later than 2pm. Pick up your rental car from Hertz and drive to Vindolanda (about 40 minutes away). The museum is excellent and the perfect way to set the scene for the next two days. Check in to the Twice Brewed Inn and spend the next two days walking the very best parts of the wall before heading back to London. It’ll be two of your most worthwhile days ever.


“There’s no denying that Hadrian’s Wall is difficult to get to. However, its remote location is also its greatest attraction.”

“Two days’ walking is all you need to be able to savour the best of the views and the incredible legacy of the Roman Empire. You will return home amazed at what you have seen and achieved in such a short space of time.”

Curator: Peter Bristowe, Vespucci Founder


• Experience the best two days walking on Hadrian’s Wall.

• Travel back to Roman times with visits to Vindolanda Fort and the Roman Army Museum.


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