Avoid the Kews

Richmond, West London

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7.8 km walk (2 hrs)  
all year round

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Central London > Richmond (🚆 +/- 20mins) Mortlake > Central London ( 🚆 +/- 20mins)
Richmond Lock

Riverside walking is always a delight and this walk is from the top drawer. It is so accessible by tube or train to Richmond with the return journey from Mortlake that there is really no excuse for not giving it a go. Within a few minutes of leaving Richmond Station, you are crossing Richmond Green, passing by Richmond Palace and then picking up the Thames, your companion for the rest of the walk. It’s impossible not to be soothed by the bird life, river life and woodland walking. Syon House, Kew Gardens and the magnificent Thames bridges are highlights but so is the contrast between countryside and city. Some of the views will not have changed for centuries. Others will be constantly changing urban skylines.  The Ship Pub is lies right by the end of the walk and the perfect spot to reflect on time well spent. 


This is a trip for any day of the year. Walking time is roughly an hour and forty-five minutes and so there are many permutations. Why not meet after work in the summer or head out early on a crisp winter’s day? Equally the autumnal colours or the spring reawakening will make this a different experience each time. It is easy to pick up a coffee on Richmond High Street or consider a bite at the White Swan pub before you set off on the walk. 


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