Frequently Asked Questions…

  • When can I go on a Signature Hike?
    All of our hikes are self-guided, which means you can go on them whenever you like! Each hike includes a ‘when to go’ section for our advice on what time of the year is best. So, if you’re a fair-weather walker, then Spring, Summer and Autumn is the time for you. But it is possible to head off on a hike all year round – so we’ll leave that up to you!
  • What is the difference between a Signature Hike, a Weekender and a Quick Escape?
    A Signature Hike is a hiking pack made up of a map + guidebook that contain every bit of info you’ll need for a great day out in nature. The map includes turn-by-turn directions and a clear overview of the route, but we also provide a digital route option via the OS Maps App. Our guidebooks contain all the details you need – both big and small. We’re talking travel tips, plan B options, points of interest and even the best place for a pint along the way. Our Weekenders give you everything you need for the perfect staycation. We’ve included an awesome Signature Hike, as well as some fantastic recommendations for things to do/see/eat/sleep/drink in the local area. Quick Escapes are our free-to-download, London-based walks. We’ve put together a series of short walks in lots of London’s green spaces to help you escape the city for a few hours. You simply download the online guide and follow the easy navigation. Quick Escapes also include points of interest and our pit stop recommendations along the way.
  • Can I take my dog?
    All our hiking routes are on national trails, so it is safe and legal to take your dog with you. If you are stopping off at one of our recommended pubs en route, you will need to check with them if their pub is dog friendly.
  • Are the hikes child friendly?
    Our routes vary in difficulty, and the walking time and distance can be found on each of the hike’s pages. Most of the trails are undulating and have some rocky terrain so we do not recommend bringing a buggy.
  • How long will my pack take to arrive?
    We send all orders 1st class, so your pack should be with you in 1-2 working days.
  • What do I need to bring / do I need any kit for a Vespucci hike?
    Our hikes are designed to be as inclusive as possible – so no special gear is required. All you need is a good pair of trainers or hiking boots and a big old (reusable) bottle of water. All of our guides contain a ‘kit list’ section, with kit suggestions that may make your hike more comfortable. These sections are tailored to each hike, so you know exactly what you need to bring.