Signature Adventure: The Great Escape

Head for the Hill’s and the highest point in the south of England. For those seeking an inspiring day out from London, you need look no further! This walk has all the elements required to pass the curator’s test: easy access by train from London, sensational views from the highest point in the south, coffee stops, a pub lunch (if you want) and a train home (except on Sunday’s where you will need a taxi from the pub). Spend a day walking and talking and you will return from the Surrey Hills refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to deal with anything that life can throw at you.

Sunset from Leith Hill

This Vespucci Signature Adventure is a one day walk from London Victoria or Clapham Junction. If you want to make it two days, we know where to stay. Our adventure pack will give you everything you need to know to make this adventure happen. It contains travel information, our customised OS map, points of interest, picnic spots, recommended accommodation as well as options to extend or shorten the adventure.

Amazing views from Leith Hill Tower. The highest point in South England.

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