The Joy of Sussex

Lewes, East Sussex

Signature Adventures
Walk / Wild Swim
22 km walk (5.5 hrs)
all year round

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LDN Waterloo > Glynde ( 🚆 +/- 1hr 30mins) Lewes > LDN Victoria ( 🚆 +/- 1hr 10mins)
Will swimming in the River Ouse


Walk across the verdant farmland of East Sussex

…to reach the serenity of Barcombe Mills. Take in the River Ouse’s braided channels crisscrossing the land, a wild swim, then stroll to The Anchor Inn for lunch and perhaps some boating; afterwards return south, to Lewes.


“The land all around is green, the air is clean, and you’ll feel smug as you take it all in.”

“The real highlights of this trail are Barcombe Mills Nature Reserve and the River Ouse. The route handrails the River Ouse for about 5 km, meaning you get to spend plenty of time with the river and its inhabitants: swans, otters, geese, sea trout, pike, warblers – the area is full of life. The swimming is fantastic, with plenty of choices allowing for guaranteed satisfaction.”

Curator: Will Purkhardt


• Enjoy panoramic views of East Sussex countryside.

• Wild swimming in the River Ouse at Barcombe Mills.

• Savour a tasty lunch at the unique Anchor Inn.

• Experience the best of the Sussex Ouse Valley Way.

• Try river boating.


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