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Get the complete collection of epic Signature Hikes and set off along boundless coastlines, up and over rolling hills and through ancient woodlands. Discover these stunning and natural scenes you never knew were right at your fingertips. In the midst of this hectic, digital world we give you the chance to take a step back (or forward…) and enjoy some time offline. With a Vespucci map and guide in your hands, there’s nothing stopping you now. Each one of our hikes has been lovingly tried, tested and trodden by our brilliant team so we know you’re getting the best experience possible. The ‘Shop the Series’ collection contains all twelve of our wonderful Signature Hikes and offers coastal, woodland, hilltop and lowland walks. With everything you need for a great day out now all in one place, your adventures will be a walk in the park. So go on, take a hike (or twelve)…


• Down by the River

• The Lost World

• Conquer the Coast

• The Kent Coast

• Head for the Hills

• Green and Pleasant Land

• The Poet’s Stone

• Bound for the Beacon

• The Heart of England

• Temple of the Winds

• Just So Sussex

• Castle in the Air


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