Crossing the Southern Isle

Isle of Wight

Signature Hikes
2 days / 42 km walk (11 hrs)  
all year round

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LDN Waterloo > Lymington Pier ( 🚆 +/- 1hr 45mins) Portsmouth Harbour > LDN Waterloo ( 🚆 +/- 2hrs)

“This trip is designed to fit into two days

…from Waterloo Station and back again. Buy a single to Lymington Pier (you should only need to change at Brockenhurst) and aim to leave London at 8am. The train meets the ferry and the crossing takes 45 minutes. It’s a beautiful walk to Newport with various options at your disposal that we have outlined. We recommend staying in the Wheatsheaf Inn.It is comfortable and cosy and fits the bill. The walk next day takes you to Ryde, the ferry or hovercraft, and a direct train back toWaterloo. Again, there is an option to bail out at Brading.


Less than two hours by train from Waterloo and you can find yourself on the ferry heading to the Isle of Wight.

“Two days later, with 42 km and some of the finest views in England under your belt, you will be heading back by boat or hovercraft to Portsmouth en route to Waterloo. Let Vespucci Adventures be your guide and have something different to tell your friends on Monday morning.”

Curator: Peter Bristowe


• Walk across the whole of the Isle of Wight.

• Experience unforgettable views.

• Leave your worries and mainland Britain behind as you walk off the ferry into two days of discovery.

1 review for Crossing the Southern Isle

  1. Emma Cole

    Absolutely glorious hike with stunning views over the Isle of Wight. Beautiful paths which take you along the coast line but also over land, so you get to see a wide variety of the nature on offer. Delicious food at the pub too. Highly recommend!

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