Conquer the Coast

Beachy Head, East Sussex

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Start: Eastbourne Station 🏁 Finish: Berwick Station 🚶‍♂️ 25.7 km (7 hrs)
Cuckmere Haven, East Sussex

“A more challenging hike beginning with Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters and meandering over Cuckmere Haven.”

It’s almost impossible to imagine what is in store as you pull into Eastbourne. It is important to be prepared for a long walk, but we have included plenty of Plan B options should time or weather close in. There are also great accommodation options in Alfriston. Above all, savour the world-class landscape, ancient forest, the rolling Downland, the bird song, wild flowers and top-notch pubs and cafés.

Curator: Antonia Doggart


• An iconic coastal walk taking in Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters

• Outstanding views over Cuckmere Haven

• Ancient woodland and beautiful churches

• Great pubs and cafés

• Outstanding flora and fauna

• Excellent accommodation options

3 reviews for Conquer the Coast

  1. Ollie & Hen

    Wow what an amazing weekend! We stayed the night in Alfriston, but would have been doable in a day. Wet and windy weather but couldn’t dampen our spirits – the Seven Sisters were a sight to behold and the every twist and turn of the walk was memorable. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

  2. Ed

    Thank you Vespucci – you have just made my day on the Seven Sisters walk. What an adventure. Everything I might have needed – you had covered. All the details and preplanning you provide made such a difference. From the time to leave London, superb recommendations for places along the way to stop, carefully thought-out route instructions – what an epic day. Thank you.

  3. Jason Parmar

    Firstly, this is a really fantastic hike, I really do recommend this. The details, organisation and peace of mind on timings and trains really does put your mind at ease and maximise enjoyment. We went in June and decided to stay in Eastbourne the night before and complete the hike in one go. The Eastbourne to Saltmarsh Cafe/Visitor Centre is an awesome 16km hike that in of itself is a great day out (and an easy bus/ride back to Eastbourne for train if taking it easy).
    The next section through the forest to the Plough & Harrow is also great. In particular, I really do want to highlight how great this pub was. 19km in, great food, great beer, great atmosphere and staff. This is a great place to also end the hike for many and I think it’s good it’s highlighted as a good place to call it a day if tight on time for a taxi.
    Only thing I can think to improve is to update the walk from Berwick to Berwick Station due to updated path (I emailed), but that’s all!

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