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Hiking in the Tatra Mountains

Usually, I am shouting about great places to explore around the UK. However, having just returned from a trip abroad into the Tatra Mountains (I didn’t know where they were either…), I felt the need to share just how affordable and accessible a trip of this nature can be. You really don’t need to spend […]

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The five best bank holiday walks x Spectator Life

“The scorching temperatures of the Easter weekend signified that summer is just around the corner. Millions of Brits hit the road in search for the best parks, beaches and trails to soak up the sun. If you are looking to escape London for the May bank holiday, here’s a select list of hikes accessible from […]

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Great Walks In & Around London

Walking at this time of the year is such a pleasure, the countryside peppered with cosy pubs, always with a fire burning in the hearth. London can seem like a bubble at times but it’s surprisingly easy to escape the city for the day if you know where to head. Here are eight winter walks […]

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Real Business Talks To Vespucci

Alex Middleton’s experience of living and working in London was similar to many others, he tells me as we grab a morning coffee near Bank station. “I’ve always been a fan of exploration,” says Middleton, who brings his warm and friendly persona to a meeting held on this, the iciest of mornings. “During my first […]

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Great British Adventures x Spectator Life

“City life can be suffocating and it’s easy to forget that there’s a green world not far away from the bustle of shopping centres and public transport. It’s a fact that Alex Middleton, a 27-year-old with a passion for outdoor adventure and travel, was well aware of when he co-founded Vespucci Adventures, which launched in March this […]

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Metro x Vespucci Adventures

“WHO says you have to trek far afield for thrills and spills? Certainly not new travel firm Vespucci Adventures, whose self-guided expeditions are all UK-based. Crafted by local experts and spanning walks, bike rides and water-based jaunts, they last one to two days and divide into three categories.” […]

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Avoiding ‘Millenial Burnout’

This blog is aimed at those who, for whatever reason, are finding it hard to cope. Especially when living in London, the breakneck pace of city life can suffocate our own ability to recognise if we ourselves are moving at a pace we cannot sustain. For those in the rat-race today, the work/life balance has […]

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